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Does anyone know what name of color is on the orange Halloween patterned dishes ?  Is it Poppy or a retired color?  Can seem to find information on the internet.  I have ordered some mugs and appetizer plates (green boo cat; orange geo pumpkin; orange spooky pumpkin and black trio pumpkin.  I have not received them yet but wanted to order a teapot in the same orange color but wasn't sure if it was Poppy or something else.  Thank you !!!!

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Re: Fiesta Halloween Question

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Yes, it is poppy.

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Re: Fiesta Halloween Question

did the poppy match? i have an old(10+yr.) halloweeen plate-jack o lantern face, but i think the poppy is a little brighter. i just got a latte mug in the poppy-BBBY online. i love fiesta dishes!

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Re: Fiesta Halloween Question

They have a lot of the poppy colored Fiesta items at Macy's right now. I really like this color.