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Re: Farmer Johns virtually hulless popcorn.

"Hull-less" and "unpopped kernels" are two totally different things


Hull-les spopcorn can still turn up with unpopped kernels, ANY popcorn can- it depends on your proficeincy in popping it, for one thing- those unpopped  kernels, are called "old maids" and sometimes you get more of them when the moisture content is low, since it is the moisture trapped in the corn kernel which "explodes" and makes it pop in the first place.


The "hull" you are left with after popping, is the part at the "end" of the popped corn- Most are thick and tough, sharp and difficult for many to eat with dental work-


Framer John's HAS hulls, of course, it has to, physically, but his hulls are micro thin and shatter easily in the mouth, making it much easier to eat for those of us who are dentally challenged.


I pop mine in a glass microwave popper, and once I got the hang of how much to use and how long to do it,  most kernels pop.. regardless of what  brand I use, but the Farmer John's, with the very thin hull is SO much easier to eat!