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Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

Does anyone have this, and would you recommend it?

Or do you have another brand that you love?

Thank you.

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

@happycat   The best thing to do is check the wattage of these ovens, the higher the better.  Some are so low, they can't possibly cook well


That being said, I watch mostly antenna TV, a lot of the Dabl Channel, and I'm about to go nuts because they're advertising this oven incessantly.  They're long commercials too.

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

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I do not own that one, but I believe it is made by the same company the copper chef items come from. It looks good on TV. What doesn't?  I own, love and recommend to all my peeps, The Ninja Foodi. The one I own is an airfryer, pressure cooker, dehydrator, broiler, oven, etc. Some might not like the design. It doesn't look streamlined but I love its performance. I love the pressure cooker feature if your running late and your food is still frozen. I have it about 18 months and use it everyday sometimes more than 3 times a day!  They also have a Foodi Air Fryer Oven, like Emerils version. I suggest you look at the videos and reviews of all your options. I am sure you will choose the one that's right for you. My only real advice is don't wait too long, because the longer you're without one, the more regret you will feel, after you realize you could have had this convenience sooner than later.


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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

You might be able to get some recent reviews on Amazon.

Also check if the outside is a cool to touch otherwise it can get almost as hot as the inside.  Most items like this usually sit close your walls/frig etc.

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

I have the Ninja Foodie Grill that's also a air fryer, bakes, grills etc. Love it. I am making hassleback potatoes and steak today. 

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

It’s really hard to clean.

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

I have Emeril's air fryer.  DH does a lot of our cooking and he complains almost nightly about how hard it is to read the blue light-backed tiny screen.


I can hear the machine working in the great room when DH is heating upon frozen fish fillets.  ( our toaster oven never made a peep ).

i would use it if it came with real instructions on how to use the various options.  All it came with was a little booklet that had one page with a beautiful color print of the dish and a very simple recipe on the facing page.


I never used the rotisserie after reading how horrible the clean up inside the fryer was.


Next time, I will not buy from TV commercial !


Oh yes, if you call the tel. #, you will be on the line for over 10 minutes while they ask you if you want "x", "y", or "z" and how you can get a $50 gift card.  If you want a special tray they show during the commercial, it's extra.


I finally told the rep that if she didn't end this sales pitch immediately that I am cancelling the order.  She ended it!

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

Philips is a solid brand for air fryers.  Many choices for sizes, I have a small one that has worked without issues for several years and has always been easy to clean - always by hand.  Even though I also have the Foodi combo pressure cooker and air fryer, I still use the Philips more often just because it is simpler and faster to use, no preheating, lighter in weight, easier to deal with in every way. 

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

I have the XL model - and I love it.  Great for air frying, roasting, toasting, baking, reheating pizza, etc.  I've also used the rotisserie function for a whole chicken and it was delicious.  I definitely recommend it.  Easy to clean up as well.

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Re: Emeril Lagasee 360 air fryer

I purchased this at Best Buy.  Returned dit the same day.  It does not fit a 9x13 pan and is very small.  It has a rotisserie but do not see how even a chicken would fit. I have the Breville Air  and love it.