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I called Farberware. They no longer make this skillet.

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What a shame.  I noticed on the Walmart site the Faberware electric skillet is not stainless steel.  I think it is time to check out Ebay!  

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One thing I never bought can't drain the fat out of the skillet in easy fashion

Like if your making Hamburger Helper there you have all that grease you have to drain before you add the other ingredients. Have to turn off and unplug, drain excess grease and plug back in and turn back on.



Just use regular skillet.

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Loved my Farberware skillet which I had for 45 years  Just purchased a replacement  


Farberware Electric Skillet,Vintage Round 12" Electric Frying Pan,Covered Cookware,Aluminum High Dome Retro Kitchen Appliance, Modlel 310-B


I still have mine like this. I'm currently using a non stick one, but will never part with this!

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Re: Electric Skillet

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I've had 2 electric skillets since I married (51 yrs ago). They both have been Presto brand. The first was square, and my newer one is rectangular. I bought the last one at Macy's. It was about $50. 


They both have been non-stick. The first one never stopped working, but I decided I liked the larger rectangular one.


I use mine a lot. I get perfect pancakes, because the temperature control dial means I get a consistent temp. It's good for cooking large amts. (a lot of hamburgers, chops, bacon, etc.) or sauteeing a lot of veggies. 


When our oven died a few years ago, I used the electric skillet constantly while shopping for a new oven. I've also taken it to lake and beach houses on vacation, and potlucks and buffets.


Presto electric skillets are made of cast aluminum, so they're not flimsy.  


I like a rectangular skillet because it holds a lot, but a different shape might work better for you, depending on what you will cook in it.


Good luck with your shopping!