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Re: Does anyone have experience with refacing cabinets?

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I am the original poster. I was told I can't get new cabinets installed without damaging the relatively new granite countertops. That's why I am looking at refacing. Otherwise I would get new ones.

@geegerbee  curious if you made a decision.  I have a 22 year old house with beautiful oak cabinets.  They are darker oak and arched on top and look very out of style.  My kitchen is very dark.  I do have a lot of cabinets and drawers.  I got one estimate for painting that was over $5300 and he wasn't sure the grain would not show thru.  I have granite counter tops that are 15 years old.  I may replace at some point but not right now. I  found someone that replaces but he has been putting me off for two months to come out and give me an estimate.  I did get another estimate yesterday that they would make custom doors and drawer fronts and paint a lighter color.  That estimate came in around $7000.  I am leaning towards that.  I was thinking if the painting came in around $2500 I would probably try that and possibly in 10 years reface or replace.  



I would say if the one estimate is saying they don't know if the grain will show or not after painting I would not go with them. Yes you can paint Oak cabinets so you don't see the grain. There are lots of pictures online.