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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

My family did Sunday dinner after church at my maternal grandparents house until I was a teenager.   I have some great memories of those family dinners.   


My mom tried to start the same thing at her house after I married, and one brother moved out.   It didn’t last long for me because my husband wanted meals in our home.   My brother and his wife still visits, and eats with mom on Sundays, even though my SIL does most of the cooking now.   


I always cook on Sunday, but will never do the big dinner thing.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

My father's Italian family did back in the day. My cousin still does it for her mother and the older aunt & uncle.

My siblings? Too busy, too spread out. We don't even seem to do it for birthdays any more, which is kinda sad.

One DS and his wife live nearby. We do Sunday dinner about twice a month, his house and mine alternately. 

I have a friend whose MIL did Monday Pizza Night weekly for the fam.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

When we lived near extended family we had Sunday dinners around 2 pm.  I had a large Italian family and Sundays were sacred family time - a million of us (approx) in the basement of my Grandma's NYC house.


It was hard when my kids were little, because of sports schedules and all that stuff that comes along with kids and we stopped attending, except for special occasions.


Even now that it's just the two of us, I tend to make something more traditional on Sundays, though we eat at our regular dinner time which is 6 pm.


Tonight I'm making pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with gravy and coleslaw.  

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

I think my SIL's mom does it every Sunday.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

Nope.  It wasn't a tradition for us.  Very often we'd go out with others after church, or just our family go out after church, and many times we'd come home to a big roast after church, but never had company on Sunday. 

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

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@CrazyKittyLvr2 wrote:

for the whole family 52 weeks a year?  After watching a dinner scene from Blue Bloods it got me wondering. We have 2 kids and they both work a long week, and have things to do on the weekend, and I would never expect them to be here every Sunday.


My husband has several siblings and if we all got together with kids and grandkids it would be close to 35/40 people. It would be like a holiday dinner every week.



What does your husband say?  Do you or him do the cooking?  Or do you share the cooking together?

Yes, we do have Family supper every Sunday.   My siblings live close by.

Two of my older siblings have died in the last three years. One died at 45, the other died at 53.  Both of cancer.  They both would always come to our Sunday family suppers.  So, at Sunday supper we leave two empty chairs at the dining table, in rememberance of them.

On the menu tonight is:  Vegetable Egg Rolls, Sizzling Rice Seafood soup, Shrimp and Char Siu Pork fried rice, Peking Duck, steamed whole fish with scallions, ginger, soy sauce sesame oil, Long Life Noodles, and ice cream.

Hope you enjoy your family dinners. As do we.




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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

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Much of my family has passed on, so the days of my mother cooking big Sunday dinners is gone. But, I still consider Sundays to be special. So, I cook Sunday dinner whether or not I have company. On the menu today: pot roast with potatoes and  carrots, collard greens, corn muffins, along with cake and ice cream for dessert.

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

Nope.  The only one in my family who ever had family Sunday dinners was my grandmother.  They lived fifty miles away so we went once a month. She died in 1969 so it's been a while!

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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

I grew up with big Sunday dinners.  When I got married, we went to my parents house every Sunday.


When my mother passed, everyone went to my parents house and we girls

(my sisters and I)  cooked there on Sunday's and holidays.  When my father passed, the tradition stopped.


If we are home, I always cook Sunday dinner...I cook the other six days as well.  My single son joins us for Sunday dinner unless he has somewhere to go.


My best friend who is Italian, goes to her Aunts house every Sunday for dinner as well as about 10-20 other family members.  They have been doing this forever.  When I was a kid, I ate there a few Sundays too.


No one is expected to show up, but everyone is invited.  The number of people who show up fluctuates weekly.


When my Paternal grandmother was living, all 11 of her children and their families showed up for dinner every Sunday...and Thursday which is spaghetti day for Italians.











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Re: Does Anyone Have Big Sunday Dinners.....

My husband, son and I have dinner together every night. Both my brother and sister live too far away to get together for Sunday dinners. Even growing up, it was usually just the 5 of us on Sunday afternoon. There was always plenty to eat, though, so anyone who dropped in was invited to stay for dinner.