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Re: Does Anyone Else Use Long-Life or Irradiated Milk?

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I live alone and am not a big milk drinker but like to have some on hand for cooking or an occasional bowl of cereal.  I prefer almond or coconut milk which is only available in half gallons.  I'd find myself throwing most of it away.


One day I discovered cartons of the long-life milk on my grocer's shelves, did some research on it and finally got the nerve to buy it.  I was expecting some kind of funky taste but it tastes exactly like the fresh.  It comes in quarts so I keep it in the pantry and use as needed.


It is more expensive but the fresh was no bargain when most was thrown out.  I can now use just what I need with no waste.  It's available sweetened or not in almond or coconut or a combo of both, made by Silk.


It's not exotic; I get it at Walmart.  It's a great product for when there's no refrigeration too.


Read more about it.


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Once you open it needs to be refrigerated.

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Re: Does Anyone Else Use Long-Life or Irradiated Milk?

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I posted earlier that I often buy ultra-pasteurized milk when I need a small container for a recipe. My market stocks this type of milk in the refrigerator section. It does have a longer shelf life than regular milk but once opened has the same shelf life. I'm not familiar with the type of milk that can be stored (unopened) unrefrigerated.



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