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Dockside Market Cakes

I ordered the Dockside Market (2) 1.5 lb. Chocolates Lover Bundt Cakes Auto Delivery Duo.... Wanted one of each cake since I never ordered them before.  The cakes arrived and two chocolate were in the box - not a duo of The Captain's Chocolate Chip and The Chocolate Chocolate Chip...I called QVC and she said since it was their error a new shipment would be sent out and I will then receive the duo. Well the cakes arrived today and in the box was two chocolate cakes... OMG - they got this wrong also.  Called QVC again and she said she was sorry about that and said she would credit my account.  So while I am thinking about this screwup and now I have (4) chocolate cakes I really want to try The Captain's cake.  So I call QVC again and ask if at possible to send me two The Captain's cake since this is still not right.   The person on the phone said since I was given a credit she can't send any more cake to correct this and I have to purchase more cake...How many cakes do I need to go through to get this right...OMG...

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Re: Dockside Market Cakes

@hondagirl Check out Dockside's website as it looks like they have a promotion currently where if you buy one you get a second one free.

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Re: Dockside Market Cakes

What a bunch of boobs!