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@Zhills-that REALLY IS interesting! I'm sure I wouldn't use "organic" products if the end result wasn't approximately the same as with traditional non-organic foods.


I wonder if the difference could be regional?

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I try to buy organic---especially the fruits/vegs on the dirty dozen list and also I buy my meats organic, whenever I can.  And try to not buy the gmo stuff either. Now when the prices for fruit/veg get so high during the off season, I don't buy organic. But then we don't eat that fruit/veg until they are in season. Most grocery stores are carrying alot of organics now and there are decent sales on it so I don't think I spend a ton more than usual. But when I do buy a whole organic chicken, I use every bit of it and make some wonderful chicken stock that taste great. Usually cook it in my pressure cooker and get alot of broth for my freezer. But it's hard to know what is what, I think. I am a diligent ingredient reader. Wonder if you really need to buy organic everything---I'd research it to find out what is not really neccessry or cost effect to buy organic. 

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In the supermarket, I don't pay much attention.  Looks and price are what matters.


I do have an organic/gourmet grocer around the corner and I stop in there when I need something in particular that I can't get at the supermarket ... e.g. fresh herbs, imported stuff.

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No, I do not.