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I was thinking of starting my lock & lock collection but was worried about the staining issue.Is this something that should be of concern?

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Yes, unfortunately a red based food like tomato sauce will leave a light tint. I now only use my glass bowls with lids for red. But for everything else, I love my Lock & Lock. .

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ITA with @Carmela999.


As in any relationship L&L is not perfect. I had one tab break off when I dropped a frozen one , occasionally (for what reason I do not know) a few imperfections have appeared--but rare. 


To me though it is the best. It keeps things so fresh. I am an addict . The lids are so much easier than any other plastic container. Just be sure and follow the L&L lady's counsel to turn the lid upside down when microwaving.


I send DH's lunch with him in Rubbermaid or store cheapies as I know he would lose my beloved L&L. The other day I was trying to remove the lid from RM and almost thought it was impossible. Made me appreciate L&L.

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Yes, tomato based sauces do stain lock and lock.   I have also dropped a lock and lock container on my tile floor and it cracked.   Using a mixer in a lock and lock bowl will scratch the plastic.   A lock and lock container is durable enough to withstand microwave use, but the plastic does get hot enough to bubble and etch from the liquid contents----the inside of the container will have permanent damage from the heat.    

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What you have to do is cool the food completely before putting it in there.  I've used some of the same L&L containers for over 10 years, for when I make a pot of spaghetti sauce, chili, etc, to freeze it in portions and then I pop them out and vacuum seal them.  Never has a single container stained.


Also, when I make a batch of something like that I've had it in a larger L&L in the refrigerator for some time and, since I cool the food first, never has one stained.


But that is the nature of plastic, so this is why warm/hot food going into it will cause staining.  This is why I always knew, even since the days of Tupperware, to cool the food first.  Smiley Happy

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I've been using the stuff forever, and I've not had one stain at all. I should mention, thought, that I never reheat in them in the microwave.

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I've put tomato based sauces/foods in my Lock n Lock, no staining noted. 

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I've had my collection of L&L's that I use soley. I use them for everything and haven't had any staining no matter what I use them for! They are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Woman Happy

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I love my L&L and have used for what seems like forever, without any staining!

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Mine have not stained.

This may be because I never use them in the microwave.

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