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Wanted to purchase the Davids brownies today.  However, Sharon never mentioned if they were "enrobed" in milk or dark chocolate.  Called customer service and they did not know.  This is the kind of detail that is important but often overlooked.

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Re: Descriptions of Food Items

How can Sharon supply that information if she's not provided with it.  The vendor didn't mention it either.  Also, if you go directly to David's Cookie site, they don't provide that information there either.

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Re: Descriptions of Food Items

From their nutritional facts, I believe its milk chocolate brownie. Woman Happy


You can check the list from here:

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Re: Descriptions of Food Items

I got some of those brownies several years ago when HSN sold them.  Seems like the icing was a dark chocolate but not bitter like it usually is.  Sort of a cross between dark and milk chocolate.

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