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Here's a tip for when using vinegar in your Keurig:


When putting in the vinegar, add some food coloring. That way when rinsing you know when the vinegar is all through. 

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Re: Descaling a Keurig

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White Vinegar. Never one single problem and my current Keurig  is almost 10 years old. TAP WOOD!


STRAIGHT white vinegar- we don't dilute.

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I use citric acid to descale my coffee brewer--2 tbls of citric acid to 4 cups of water--and proceed the same as when using vinegar.

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I have to descale my Keurig too.  I'm nervous about doing it,  My MIL used both vinegar and the Keurig descaler from Target and said it ruined her machines.

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I use straight, undiluted vinegar and have used the Keurig descaler and the both work very well.

I only use distilled water for making coffee. I think it let's the true flavor of the coffee through and is much easier on the machine. 

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@bcherry01 wrote:

@sann wrote:

I use vinegar.

 Do you dilute it or full strength?

I use full strength fill the water container with white vinegar then just continue to run water through it until you get all of the vinegar out.