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It just seems odd that they now have 20,000 of the calendar's after stating they only had 50,000 to go around previously and  "sold out".     I may be scepticle but now they have more because of glitches during the show.  I'm thinkng they made more to sell more but the original ONLY 50000 made people think it was rare and bought them up.  ???  Marketing ploy 

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

Whatever it was it was clear David wanted to sell more today with the apology and narrative 

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

Fifty thousand of anything is not rare, and I think we're smart enough to realize that.  It would be easy enough to print more of something like a calendar as the demand was obviously there.  It was a shame to disappoint so many people who really wanted one.

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

Just my thought: the calendar was launched in ITKWD on 10/23 and sold out.  Then a few days later more became available and sold again.  Now three weeks later, even more are available because of a computer glitch? 


It took that long -- 3 weeks -- to realize there was a computer glitch and sell it again??   


Oh well, enjoy all who wanted one and got it. 

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

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Oh my my my...I take it none of you are on the Facebook page? 


Let me fill you in...


When the calendar sold old originally in 15 minutes that first day, all *bleep* broke loose over there.


If commenters could have pitchforks and burn the QVC page to the ground, they were.


It went on for what seemed like forever. People were boycotting QVC.


Every post was about it.


One woman claimed to have ordered 30 copies, one to use, they rest to tuck away and save since they had David's signature (she thinks that it is going to be worth money in the future).


One woman ordered 14 copies for her grandchildren (imagine that on Christmas morning, thanks Grandma 🤭)


Well, people didn't think that was fair.  They were tagging David in posts, telling him and QVC off.


Should have been a "limit of one" was the outcry.


There were so many sob stories that I think they had to be made up/troll posts.


So much drama.


Stories of people with dying relatives, saying all they had wanted was a signed calendar from David.


It was quite sad and comical at the same time, watching grown women (and a few fanboys) fighting over a $15.00 calendar.


A couple weeks ago, David made a video that was posted on FB and on Instagram apologizing and saying there was a glitch.


Everyone rejoiced 🤭


The calendars were available, run get your copy.


After that, the calendar has now lived quietly here on the website, not selling out the last couple of weeks.


Just chilling, with no fanfair.


I was was wondering why they hadn't presented it again on air.


Then there it was again today. Cue the angel chorus!


Guess since it's a cooking day they decided to push the last of the stock out the door.


David has been asking people to post pictures of themselves with the calendar. 


The FB page as been a steady stream of these pics for days, making many posters angry again because a lot of people still think they have sold out ("quit bragging you got one", they say) which then leads to more angry posts from those that know they are available ("go buy yours, it's available", they say)


It's like a broken record over there with angry David fans going back and forth.


I like to pop some popcorn and watch it like a bad movie 🤣🍿


Makes the forum here with all its bickering look like child's play.





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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

@Mesmerelda  Also read some not nice comments as the calendars are imported so people wondering why they couldn't have been made here?

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

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@Mesmerelda   OMG!  Thank you so much for that background.  


I had no idea of the drama that had occurred. 


I hope all who wanted a copy now have a copy.




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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

Wow, just WOW, @Mesmerelda! Thanks for the insights.


I like David as much as the next person but, get real, it's a self promoting stupid calendar! 


Note to self...never, EVER join the QVC Facebook group. Sounds like there's a lot of unhappy dancing going on over there. Woman Frustrated 






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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar

Oh, my goodness!!!!!!  I'm so glad that I use my "freebie" calendars that I get from favorite charities.  I can't imagine future value for David's signature on a calendar.  (Sorry, David.)

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Re: Davids "sold out" Calendar