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I was watching David Venable selling a cookbook tonight, and he is a marvel. I can understand why cookbook authors want to be on QVC, because he can move product. Some of the first timers look so happy when the total sales are mentioned, it's kind of nice. Some of his  performance is silly, but that guy can move the Merch.

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I think David is special.  He is such a charmer and has so much fun.  And when your work is fun you will never work! 

It would be nice if you could bottle his personality! 

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He loves his mom and that says a lot!  He seems to be a very kind and thoughtful person.  I'll bet he's a lot of fun.

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David is good at his job no matter what he is presenting.

He has a love for all things for, and from the kitchen.  


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The only time my husband enjoys watching QVC is when David is on.  We laugh and enjoy him so much.  Just tonight we both said he's the best at what he does.  He's always saying to me "order that, we need it."  I tell him no, we don't need it.  If David can convince my husband we need it, then I will say he's REALLY REALLY good at moving products. 

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Agree! I love watching David because of his positive spirit. He always makes my day.

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He's just a love !!

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I agree...

I love to watch when David is on.


He definately enjoys life and lives it...It shows.  

He is a lot of fun...

Keep it up David! 

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David does an,

Image result for awesome animated images

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...ohhhhhh Sharke!!!!!!!!