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Thought that was nice he took the time and showed every one how to open lock and lock stuff. "on the diagonal ", not the sides or on the ends.  He said they had been getting some "feedback" , otherwise, people griping about it, so, he showed , twice, the correct way of opening them.


didn't know there was a knack to it

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@sharkky - Based on product reviews, it seems like some people are having difficulty with the glass Lock & Lock pieces—I also thought it was nice that he shared some tips. One other tip he should have mentioned is that you need to gently press down the lid onto the glass before trying to lock the tabs; this will make sure the silicone seal has tight contact with the glass in order to create an airtight closure.

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@sharkky  If there is a "knack" to opening them, I'd say 
"back to the drawing board" to the company!  Woman Very Happy

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I bought the set and tried following their instructions to lock the lids, but it didn't work. I guess it works for some. I can confirm, it didn't work for all of us. My set was defective, so I returned it. 

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Re: David's show

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I'm holding out for that big XL lock and lock storage thing.



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I tried the samething that David did and no success of locking the lid down on the big oval dish...My husband tried it too and still wouldn't close...All my other glass containers close with not trouble only the big oval one..