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@JeanLouiseFinch  Could you tell me more about the "good electrolyte drink"? Is there one you recommend? And why do you need this? TIA!!!


Hi @FiddleDeeDee   Since my husband and I follow a ketogenic lifestyle, there are certain foods we don't eat due to their impact on insulin.  We supplement with electrolytes in order to get certain minerals we need that would ordinarily come from those things we avoid.  At home, we'll use either the Keppi Electrolytes Powder or the Keto K1000 Electrolyte Powder.  When we go out to eat or when we travel, we Carrie Pure Boost Energy Drink Mix Packets.  All are sugar free and available on Amazon.  The Pure Boost contains caffeine so be careful when you drink it, if you're sensitive.  Before adding electrolytes to your diet, be sure to evaluate what you're getting from diet and then supplement accordingly.  Our bodies require a certain amount daily, but exceeding the RDI becomes dangerous.