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I don't know about anybody else, but I've noticed a distinct increase in trollish and/or silly bashing lately. I blame the Polar Vortex.

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I think he talks too fast now. Maybe that's why he gets out of breath.

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On 2/16/2014 Sharke said:

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On 2/16/2014 Nicecupoftea said:

I think David is very entertaining. We roared laughing when he 'fell' down today. Bob was good at his job and it is unfortunate that he's no longer there. David took over and has been very successful.

{#emotions_dlg.w00t} I laughed too when he fell down. That was SO unexpected! My hubby missed it. I went back after the show to bring up the video so he could see it, but I noticed they kept an older video up w/those men & Jill. I'm wondering if they thought that was just "too much" and decided to not load the current video? I sure did hate that, bc it was a scream! When it happened though, I said to my hubby, "uh oh..a lot of people tend to complain about David, so I bet they will surely crucify him for that antic today!" I couldn't believe he did it!

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On 2/16/2014 wingnut09 said:

Adorable -- how did you do that! P.S. I'll take DV over BB anyday...

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David is a great host. He's upbeat, happy, funny and courteous to everyone. His Mom is lucky to have a great son like him who treats her so well.The world needs more people like David! Cutting a little slack for possible colds, allergies and other respiratory ailments would seem like a better road to take.

OP, your comments are nit-picking and small. But they do say more about you than anything else.

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The OP was not bashing David. She just made a comment. I had to turn the channel also. The truth is that for whatever reason there is plenty of sniffing coming through the microphone and some viewers cannot watch anymore. No big deal, just a comment.

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Wow, I'm always surprised by these sorts of threads. I have the various shopping channels on most of the day as background noise as I go about my day. They usually don't get my full attention. I have never focused in so much that I notice ANYONE'S breathing.

If you're noticing a hosts breathing, you are watching very intently. Time to break your habit--change the channel.

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I always love the irony of some people showing up to school people for 'bashing and name-calling' - by bashing and name-calling the other posters. Smiley Happy

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I have watched David for many many years on the Q and I think he's great! He has to make do with what they give him to work with, which is the same ol' boring stuff all the time, and try to make it still sound interesting. I can see where that would be difficult after a while so he tries to at least have some fun with it. Do any of you remember him hosting the Disney shows, Wizard of Oz shows, and the Halloween shows? He was so hilarious he had my family ROFL! IMO he has a great sense of humor and is quite entertaining. He seems like a genuinely good person and I'm sure his mom is proud to have such a great son.