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Hi! DH & I just saw a commericlal for Daily Harvest. 


Anyone use it? Fruits & veggies starting at $6.99.

I can never use up fruits & veggies before they go bad (or I'm bored of them).  I know we need more in our diet.


I just cancelled Home Chef because the raised the shipping prices.

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Re: Daily Harvest? anyone try?

What is Daily Harvest?

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Re: Daily Harvest? anyone try?

@Mary Bailey  I totally agree with eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies daily; but, I want to pick them for myself. I feel for those people who have to drive for hours to get to a grocery store. I would hope they are able to have a kitchen garden. Absent that, there are canned goods.

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Re: Daily Harvest? anyone try?

Hi, @Mary Bailey !  I live within one mile (walking) of a Trader Joe’s and a Smith’s/Kroger and between the two I can find wonderful raw foods (veggies, meats) to live healthfully.  I’ve seen the ads for Daily Harvest and, beyond the smoothie ingredients, I just don’t see how to make them a satisfying meal.  I’m a WW member at Lifetime and normally a volume eater of the veggies, so you understand my perspective.  If Direct Harvest works for you go for it!