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Re: Curtis Stone burgers shipped as Rastelli’s by UPS?

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@lizzief - I think you are misunderstanding this situation. Rastelli's may handle the packaging and shipping, but if they are partnering with another company, what they're sending out is that company's products, not their own. So the ship-from name may be listed as Rastelli's in tracking details if the box came from their facility, but the package you receive will contain the product you ordered from the company you ordered from. You're not ordering Curtis Stone's burgers and getting Rastelli's burgers instead.






That's an assumption.


Unless we work at Rastelli's, we have no way of knowing if the CS burgers are just handled and shipped out of Rastelli's facility OR made there...meaning they ARE Rastelli's burgers.


Impossible for us on the sidelines to know that.  I suppose it is a moot point if she likes them...but I would want to know.



I ordered Phillip Watson plants...they came IN a Roberta's box.  I stopped ordering from Roberta's cuz everything died.  I thought I was ordering from a diff vendor...Philip Watson.  Deceiving.


2 out of 3 are dead.


CS like all others, just slap their name on products, but we should be able to know the exact origin of things we buy.

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Re: Curtis Stone burgers shipped as Rastelli’s by UPS?

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@RespectLife - Although it is a slight assumption, it seems like a logical one: It wouldn't make sense if a customer sent money to HSN to buy Curtis Stone burgers, and then HSN sends some of the money to Curtis for his product, and then Curtis sends a little money to Rastelli for shipping and packaging—but then Rastelli sends its own product to customers essentially for free rather than sending Curtis' product that he gave them for this purpose and paid them only to handle? That makes all parties lose, since the customer doesn't get what they ordered, HSN and Curtis get a bad rep (and likely have to pay for reimbursement or another attempt at sending the right product), so all but the customer end up losing money (unless the customer doesn't bother asking for a refund, and then they lose their money, too).

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Re: Curtis Stone burgers shipped as Rastelli’s by UPS?

Rastelli has the market all tied up. It doesn't surprise me at all. He has actually said that he owns cattle ranches during his last TSV. Remember, he also touts that he provides the meat to the worlds most expensive restaurant in Dubai. He may supply beef to Curtis Stone's butcher shop. After that incident where I received Kansas City steaks when I ordered from Rastelli; I just figured their all hooked up somehow. As long as the meat is good; I don't have an issue. Do a google search and you'll have some light shed on the matter.

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Re: Curtis Stone burgers shipped as Rastelli’s by UPS?

Lori, that's the question, how do we know whose burgers we are getting? The CS HSN special and the  Rastelli's  TSV were within days of each other, and we are dealing with sister companies, so the $ goes in the same pot. The burgers were even described as being made with the same combination of meats. Now that we know that Rastelli's packages for both, come on - they MUST be the same burgers being sold under two different names. I know that happens in other industries, so why not meat? The more volume they do, the more $ they make! That's economics 101, I'm just feeling a bit duped! And BTW the burgers are ok and certainly convenient, but my local grocery store's are better! I won't be ordering again!