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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..


oh, don't say that!. the ovens are small enough now. if they get any smaller, it will only hold 2 pieces of chicken or 12 french fries <smile>


i do think that the air fryer function could be one reason that the ovens are small. that feature takes power more power.


at some point, i suspect that one will come out that meets my needs that doesn't cost $300 or more.

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

@iwrite wrote:




first i want to say that i don't think that you confused about these air fryer ovens, as what you said is spot on. they all seem to be missing one feature or the other. and i suspect that is on purpose.

i too am looking for a counter top convection oven. i have one now and have had it since forever. at least 10 years. what i like is that it is large enough to fit 4 9x13 sheet pans and it has a rotisserie. back when i bought it, it was $60 on sale. back then, air fryers had not come out.


based on reviews that i have read for many of the new models, most don't seem to last more than 3 years.

the majority of ones made today DO NOT support 9x13 sheet pans, and that is a must have, non negotiable for me. besides the french door oster that you have, the only other one that i have seen that can handle 9x13 sheet pans is the largest and naturally most expensive one by breville.

this web page has a chart that lists several breville convection models. the problem with the chart is that the web design staff should have put it in a pdf file, because it is wider then the box size that they set up.

if nothing else, you can use the breville chart to make a list of must haves and nice to have's.

i get the feeling that we are looking for the same model - it needs to have air fryer functionality, rotisserie, have at least 2 racks that fit 9x13. many of the new models only come with one rack and their web sites don't have any for purchase.

my preference is one with knobs, versus something digital.
the main reason that i didn't buy the one from geoffrey zakarian is because it did not support 9x13 backing sheets.
i will admit that i am shocked that the ones from chefs are so small.

the one dang time that i want an "all in 1" of something, i can't find it - LOL

for some crazy reason, i honestly thought that by now, there would be some that are slightly larger. i think many people are disappointed with the interior size. immediately, i knew something was wrong when they only came with one rack.

fortunately, i have acquired patience, so i will wait until i find exactly what i want.

good luck on your search.

   Thank you for your response.Speaking of small interiors, I was at walmart yesterday and they had a Ninja one. It was so small on the inside and the cost was $199. I couldnt figure out why it cost that much.. Maybe the name I dont know.. I have been getting with patience, I am not going to buy something that is not what I want. Thanks again,

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

@iwrite @I totally agree on the Breville Smart Air Oven. It fits all my cookware that is 9”x13” and also a 12 cup muffin tin. My husband said it was the best items I ever bought. Also a dream to clean and ease of use.

I had the Breville Smart Oven Pro and loved it but it did not fit the 12 cup muffin tin so I upgraded to the Breville Air. I have an air fryer so may not use that function but the size is perfect and does not take up a lot of counter space. It also has a light inside and so does the Smart Oven Pro.

My Smart Oven Pro went to my daughter and she uses it every day and remarks “What did I do without this?  I had the Smart Oven Pro for almost 4 years with no problems.

Watch for free shipping as Bed Bath and Beyond has this usually on appliances. 

Please post back and let us when you find what you wanted.

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

I had a similar experience as a couple of the posters here with KA .  I loved it but it died a few months after warranty expired. I liked it so I thought of purchasing another ,but  then remembered the old saying about fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me . 


The one feature of it's design I especially liked was the 'bumpers' that kept it away from the wall or cabinets so it wasn't accidently put too close to either. After it's death it at least fit nicely into the trash dumpster.


I use a toaster oven almost exclusively in the summer and as a toaster daily. I ended with a Black & Decker from Wal-mart that hovered around $50.00 .I have had it for about 3 months now and am quite happy . Most of the ones I looked at everywhere only had one year's warranty. The B&D is convection/has a terrific crumb tray/heats evenly/ & makes good ,quick toast. I have never wanted a rotisserie feature anyway as I do not see how any could be 'easy cleanup' and am willing to let the grocery store do that for me. Smiley Happy


You may want to check out You-Tube video reviews I saw one from America's Test Kitchen there. Of course they did not mention the one I ended up with. It was interesting though.

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

I have the Oster French Door and a Breville.  When the Oster dies.  I will get another one just like it.  My real oven doesn't work and I would rather buy a new stove than pay to have it fixed.  So my toaster oven has to be able to fit a 9 x 13 sheet pan or baking dish.

I don't care for the way you set the timer on the Oster, but then nothing is perfect. 


I do like the Breville I have, but it is just too small for the 9 x 13's.


An air fryer is just a very small convection oven, so I would think any convection oven could air fry.  


I am always leery of products that try to be all things with too many features.  That's just more things to quit working in my book and they are generally not good at all of the features they offer.

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

Love my Breville---been using it for the past almost 3 years exclusively, everyday for some type of cooking. I use my big oven for storage---haven't turned that energy hog on in all that time. Would take it 22 minutes to pre heat--the Breville takes 3 minutes-----does a great job too and has a convection button I use when I roast stuff---was prob $250- ish from AMZ. 

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

I have two countertop ovens--Breville and Kitchenaid. (I have a kitchenette in the family room which is nice for the extra holiday cookine and baking) 

Kitchenaid is very budget friendly and does a decent job. It fits the tiny space that I have in my kitchen. Would I buy it again? No and that is because the Breville performs so much better. 

I believe the newer models are called the Smart Pro and there are 3 or 4 different sizes. I would defientely buy the Breville. I have a few Breville kitchen appliances and I love them. They perform very well and are easy to clean. Think about what you want to use the oven for---baking, pizza, roasting a turkey or lasagane. Theck the dimensions of your baking and roasting pans. Use those measuremtnts )plus add and inch or two for you hand ) and that will eliminate so many models to search.

Hope this helps you.

I have a seperate air fryer because that option was not availabe at the time I purchased mine. I won't necessarily determine my choice of oven on the air fryer option unless that is important for your use.

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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

Wow, a lot of you have significant investments in countertop ovens.  Not to derail the conversation, but what made you all decide that a countertop oven is better than the regular wall oven or the one in your stove?


I have the smallest/cheapest toaster oven I can get and only use it to reheat things.  We reheat pizza or a couple slices of leftover meatloaf or cauliflower tots or french fries. 


I use my wall oven for regular cooking, roasting, baking and yes it has a convection feature that I use mostly for baking. My oven preheats in around 5 minutes for a 350 degree temp, and I often use it for just one 12 cup muffin pan.


I've often wondered what I might do with a larger countertop oven, so please tell me, Ladies, what you all use it for.  What is the attraction over a regular oven? 



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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

@Sammijo @That is a good question.

We use the countertop Breville Smart Air Oven as we love the fast preheating time and the even heating. It fits all the pans and food I want to make unless it is holiday cooking items and need the large oven.

There is only the two of us home and it is more practical.

Also it is a great extra Oven for holiday baking extras. It has awesome browning on items such as Mac and Cheese. It also fits more than you would think. Mine has two racks for multi cooking. The Breville I own is easy to clean and having it at waist level helps with not bending down as you get older. Mine has a nice interior light as well as the interior light also turns on the last 30 seconds of cooking in case you need to add more cooking time. It does have multi settings for other than baking.

The Breville Air Oven also has marking on the front of the glass door to show you exactly where to put each rack for what you are making. You can make toast, air-fry,dehydrate and slow cook for just a few if the settings on mine.

I guess you can tell I enjoy my oven. Is the ease of use, clean up, and the amazing results your food comes out worth it? You bet.

Hope this answers your question. 


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Re: Countertop Convection Oven. I'm so confused..

@Sammijo ---- Hi there--- for me, it was the 22 minutes of pre heating the big oven and then using such a big box for one little thing. Figured I was wasting so much time and money doing that.  Also, my stove is 20 years old. I am sure the new ones are far  more efficient but as long as it still works, I will use it. I don't cook big dinners anymore; not concerned about needing to cook more dishes at once. My Breville can do what a big oven does.