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@CLEM.   Corn puts weight on cattle which is fat and causes marbeling  in the meat which makes it very tender as in USDA Prime meat.  Feeding just grass is just like killing and eating a wild animal, with no attempt made to make the meat tender.  Corn is not harmful to cattle.


My dh and I had a large pasture where we kept several horses.  We also had a pen in which we kept a yearling calf to fatten for butcher.  The animal got no antibiotics or drugs because he wasn't sick.  We fed him like he was royalty.  .When he was ready and had sufficient fat, he was taken for butchering.  I would have hated to have eaten meat from that animal when he was in the state in which he arrived.


This grass-fed business is a bunch of malarkey perpetuated by those who don't want the expense of fattening livestock.  It is expensive.

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I have these Costco steaks in my freezer.  I bought them the last time they ran this same sale.  They are tender and delicious.