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Cooks essential cast iron skillet

Anyone else have the color wear off the bottom ? I have a gas cooktop and color wore off right in the shape of the flame burner.
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Re: Cooks essential cast iron skillet

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I don't have the item you have, but this has happeneded to me with other cookware I own and I also have a gas cooktop.


It is not an issue for me as it is on the bottom and not visible, plus my items are not new so some signs of wear are to be expected, I would think.

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Re: Cooks essential cast iron skillet

I agree that it's not a good thing.  I bought cast iron with white interior set last year - blue on the outside.  Never used it - sticking - certainly wasn't non-stick as advertised.  In January gave it all to goodwill.  Now the new Chef Z's non-stick I love.  Bought 2 pcs.