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Yesterday and today BF was away during lunch, so I was cooking for one.

Yesterday's lunch was a gigantic sweet potato, with a bit of butter and pumpkin pie spice. BF doesn't like sweet potatoes, so it worked out fine for me. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Today's lunch was a simple stir fry- fresh broccoli, half a red pepper, a handful of shredded carrots, and some brown rice. I mixed in some Thai peanut sauce, chicken broth, and a touch of honey.

Sometimes, if it's a school night, I have been known to have some cheese and crackers and a nice glass of wine. Wink

What do you like to make for yourself when you're cooking for one?

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I hate to eat alone so I invite Ben & Jerry

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Good one, Snowpuppy !!

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HA HA HA!!!!!!

I like making dishes that will last for two days. I always have a pot of beans in the fridge, so I make dishes based on those.

When DH travels, I make a lot of thai food.

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I have the pizza delivery boy make a special delivery.

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Food from Trader Joe's freezer and refrigerator sections!
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I lost a lot of weight on a diet that only uses frozen meals. I've become a freezer/microwave "cooking" expert!

Funny, because I actually do cook for my dog. Got recipes from a canine nutritionist.

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If I know my husband and daughter won't be home for dinner I will usually just open up a can of soup or have a bowl of cereal. I consider it a night off for me since I cook a dinner almost every night.

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Cream tuna on toast, or sardines and crackers. Both those nauseate hubby. Also macaroni and tomatoes.

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My favorite quick dinner is a can of Campbell's Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder. It's very tasty, low in calories, and filling.
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