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Re: Chris Pryme

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Chris several people today said their Lock and lock doesn’t stain with speghetti.  Mine always does ...  What am I doing wrong? 



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Re: Chris Pryme



I heard this too!  Not sure my "older" ones never stained but some of my "newer" ones did. 


I would post your question on her Instagram or FB page.  


I don't think vendors read these boards.



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Re: Chris Pryme

@yakotsanit Coat it with some vegetable oil before placing your tomato based product, that will keep it from staining.

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Re: Chris Pryme

Was wondering where she went.  Glad QVC protects her privacy.  I remember maybe last year she "slipped" and said her husband...and I thought oh....she's married!


So sorry for her loss, always hard to go through these life changes.



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Re: Chris Pryme

So sorry for her loss, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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Re: Chris Pryme

Mine do not stain with the spaghetti sauce but it needs to be cooled/room temp  before you pour it in. That's what works for me.