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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

It might be hard to find 'sugarfree' sweets that don't have one of the sugar-alcohol ingredients in them.


For most people, this can be tolerated but ONLY if one doesn't eat a bunch of it.  For a small percentage of the population, even a little bit will cause the lower intestinal push-back.  


I can't help wondering if those who had this happen just ate one cookie, etc, or ate a bunch of them.  BTW, for the most hilarious reviews ever, go to Amazon and look at the sugarfree gummy bears.  I forgot the brand name but I think others will.   Some of the reviews are so funny you'll laugh until you hurt yourself.  Smiley Very Happy


One thing I like every now and then for something sweet is Tree Top No Sugar Added applesauce.  It's sweetened with fruit juice and there is no refined sugar or sugar substitutes in it.


While I don't have to watch the sugar input, I still recognize that refined sugar is practically poison so I try to keep it to a minimum.   Small servings of sweets that I like from time to time.


One of my bad things is the Reese's shapes.  For about 6 months of the year now you can get Reese's Eggs, Trees, Hearts, and Pumpkins.  Oy!   I buy some of those because I do love them, but I put them in Lock & Lock and either in the freezer or refrigerator so I can have one now and then throughout the year.



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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

I purchased these cookies but did not do well with them. I wish I had read some of the reviews before buying them.  They did upset my stomach and I also got diarrhea. I threw them out. 

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

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@Flikaa wrote:

I hope the consumers that purchased these sugar free cookies are near a bathroom when they eat one. Every sugar free cookie contains maltitol which is a sugar alcohol. Consumption of maltitol is associated with a variety of digestive disturbances. Severe gas pain and diarrhea.

Promoting these cookies as a good alternative for people who must watch their sugar intake (I guess they are not supposed to target diabetics) does them a great disservice.

These cookies are also made with wheat flour. All carbohydrates turn into sugar/glucose once they enter the body. For a diabetic or anyone with insulin resistance these cookies are no better than eating a regular cookie.

When you eat sugar, carbs, or excessive protein it stimulates your body to release insulin. Insulin is known as the fat storage hormone. When there is too much insulin in your system you cannot lose weight. Insulin also causes you to be hungry.

Please don't be fooled by products labeled "sugar-free".



@Flikaa  ITA! Ever since my DH was diagnosed last Sept 7th with being a type 2 diabetic we have changed our lifestyle to low carb/keto. We had to overhaul our entire pantry/cabinets/freezer & fridge.


Since then I have lost 35 lbs and DH has lost about 80. He lost close to 30 lbs of that 80 lbs at a fast rate eating normally prior to his diagnosis on Sept 7th...hence his reason for going to see the Dr in the 1st place. He was initially losing the weight at a rather frightening rate/speed due to his poor health. 


My health has become extremely better with this new lifestyle. My acid reflux/GERD was getting increasingly problematic. I was already taking Prevacid daily and eating Zantac like candy. By the 3rd week of the new lifestyle I am completely off them all!


And although I was not 'yet' diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, I was headed down that road being a pre-diabetic. It was only a matter of time. Additionally, my biological mother died before she was 50 due to diabetic complications. Two weeks before she died both of her legs were removed.


So, since September, my husband has been removed from one diabetic medication 3 months later in Dec and he expects to be off the other one by May. His Dr is proud of his progress/lifestyle change and both of our blood sugar numbers are 'normal' and they are checked daily.


Back to cookies...

The only cookies we eat now are by 'FatSnax' on Amazon and any we make ourselves. I buy the assorted variety large pk (lemon, choc chip & peanut butter) and put them in the freezer. They come in individual packaging of 2 cookies per pk. Sometimes DH and I will each have our own pkg of 2 cookies and other times we'll split a pkg depending on our carb intake/daily menu.


We scrutinize food labels obsessively now. We follow KetoConnect dot com and Dr Berg on you-tube and I find a lot of great recipes through KetoConnect and Pinterest too.


Our other go-to snacks now are mainly nuts, chunky peanut butter, UTZ pork rinds (we buy in the large barrels on Amazon), and biscotti we make with almond flour...GREAT recipe through KetoConnect! DH also makes a wonderful ice cream...usually coffee, vanilla or peanut butter and we add Lily's chocolate chips! Lily's candy bars are VERY good too. DH and I will split a bar every couple of weeks for a nice treat Smiley Happy


We also have not eaten at a fast food restaurant since our lifestyle change. We were thinking sometime this Spring we'll go to Red Lobster for a nice meal as a treat. They have options for us on the menu that are low carb friendly Smiley Happy





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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

@Flikaa -

I know this is probably not funny to those that bought them but I can't stop laughing at

the way you phrased your first sentence!Woman LOL

Anyway, whether intended or not, thanks for the laugh!")

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

I found this out years ago.  I never buy or eat anything that is sugar-free.  

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

@phoenixbrd wrote:

maltitol is another sugar....check out the list for names of "sugars", there are at least 61.

refined sugar = toxic  

if I want a sub for sweetness, I use fresh fruit


Remember Sugar Busters from 1998?  Since then a whole slew of books on the dangers of sugar.   

Mannitol is made from fruit.  It is used as a medication for kidney failure and also to decrease pressure in the eyes.  Sometimes it is given as an injection. It  is not toxic or unsafe, but it is not absorbed well in the intestines and passes through you fast.


If you are bound up, it is a safe gut buster.  I know I do not do well when I injest it and avoid it.

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

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I learned my lesson about maltitol a few year ago.  I ate 3 pieces of some new sugar free candy I had gotten from the grocery store.  I then went out for my afternoon walk 


Got 4 blocks away from the house and my stomach told me I needed to head back.  Went from my casual walk to walking fast, then from walking fast to light jogging, then from light jogging to a full sprint. 


Almost knocked my husband to the ground running though the living room to the bathroom.  Almost didn't make it.


Wasn't funny at the time but I laugh about it now.  I'm no spring chicken but I probably broke an Olympic record running back to the house.

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

If you eat everything in moderation you won't run into any bathroom problems.

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

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@Susan Louise 


Intermittent fasting is good for insulin resistance, diabetes. A year ago I would've never considered fasting. I thought eating every few hours was the way to keep my metabolism going. Now I know that's not true.


Fasting allows your insulin level to normalize.

I usually fast for 16 to 18 hours a day. It is not difficult especially if you are already restricting your carbohydrates. I have an app that keeps track of my fasts so it's kind of like a game for me.


If you are interested check out some of the videos on YouTube by Jason Fung MD and  Ken Berry MD


I'm going to try the biscotti recipe tomorrow. They look delicious! 


Congratulations on your success!

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Re: Cheryl’s sugar free cookies

David V, loves these  Sugar free cookies i saw him on his show just raving and munching more than one cookie if he eats them must be good 

.Now I  don't know if he took a break after that segment of the show bet he had to stop somwehere on the way home.