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70 dollars for 32 cookies?? And then 5 month to pay for them,??? is too much money.  
If you buy 2 or 3 boxes cookie mixes it could be Les than 10 dollars on sale.

add eggs and oil it's still cheaper.Personally y don't care for any cookies on line David's or Cheryl's brand. They are too sweet and baked very pale plus all the unreadable ingredients like additives and preservatives. I know it saves time but still bakes them at home relax with a coffee or glass of wine make it fun


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Cookie mixes do not make great cookies!!  Also, depending on the recipe making real home made cookies using quality ingredients can be  very costly.  In my opinion cookie mixes are not worth eating and certainly not something that I would give as gifts!!

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Hey Pook! What do you think the cookie manuf. use? Cookie mixes

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Agree, cookie mixes are terrible JMHO.


I've had Cheryl's gifted to me and I like the brownies better than the cookies. Individually wrapped, they freeze and travel well. Never received a broken cookie.


While I still bake, not everyone does. 



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@purple diva. If you don't like them, find them too expensive, can make them cheaper, etc., why are you ev3n initiating a discussion?


Just move on.  Somebody else will buy them.

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I like homemade cookies, but only those from the same recipes I remember from my mother's kitchen.   It's been a long time since I treated myself and the neighbors.  I'm not even sure I have a decent cookie sheet.  Step one!

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@purple diva  It would be great if you could provide the QVC product ID number when posting. Thanks!

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Well, I buy Cheryl's cookies as do both of my daughters for gifting.  I cook and bake often, but will only gift homemade goodies to people who know me very well and are comfortable eating my food.  


My teacher daughter likes gifting the cookies to her fellow teachers in gift bags, or left in the lounge.  

My trucker daughter gifts the cookies to office staff, dispatch, and shop employees where individually wrapped items are most appreciated.  

We are willing to pay for the convenience of gifting something that other people feel comfortable eating.  It's a good thing we all have choices!

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Have had Cheryl’s cookies. I’ll pass. Way too sweet and crumbly. Not good at all. I would never gift them. Homemade is so much better.
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I love cookies. Just about any kind of cookie. One of my favorite premade cookies was Mother's original Taffy cookies. They were sold to Kellogg's and the recipe is not the same. Drat it all.


I would definitely pay $2 or $3 for a great cookie.

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