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@Mimi NY wrote:

Tuned in Q 2  Saturday 8/27 Mary In The Kitchen should be Mary On The Couch ,all I see her sitting on the couch, gets up a few times but setting doesn't look like a kitchen anymore.

I thought you were going to say to change the name to "In The Clearance Kitchen With Mary."  It seems that every item is either on clearance or food.  :smileyvery-happy:

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The way the show is set up now does not resemble the format from when it was introduced.  She had a social media host and lots of vendors and activity in the studio that made it fun and upbeat.  She actually spent time cooking/demonstrating the offerings.  It is rather boring to me now.  The only activity comes from the vendor on a split screen.  I think the vendor could just carry the show without the back and forth chatter.