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In the Kitchen with David is moving to 9:00am on Sundays?  Is this a short term or long term adjustment?  I'll never be able to watch again.  

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Check that your schedule is set to the correct time zone.  Mine is almost never correct.

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Re: Change of Schedule

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No schedule changes.


The program guide indicates all future ITKWD shows begin at 12 eastern.


ETA:  Looks like the show will shift to Q2 on March 3rd due to a Fashion Day.


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@gingham unicorn  When/where did you hear this?

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The program guide was screwy when I checked it last night and still had errors just now when I checked it if you look at anything except Eastern Time. Frustratingly, this happens fairly often; shows at the end of the programming timeframe are sometimes only listed as "TV Show on QVC" and if you scroll to the bottom of the calendar listing, things trail off because an hour of programming has been "pushed out" of the schedule, which shifts the timing for the previously scheduled programs.


If you check the listings in ET and mentally adjust for your zone, everything aligns as expected. In the past, the guide has seemed to be the least reliable/stable on Sunday nights and Mondays, so there's also a chance that checking it tomorrow will show all the programming without timing issues.



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@loriqvc Thank you for taking the time to clear this up. Much appreciated.