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Someone on my nextdoor app asked for a carrot cake recipe and she got some choices.

I gave her my old recipe that I made once many years ago. She used mine and someone else that were similar and combined them.

She offered me a piece when it was done (I have never met her) but it was late last night when she got done. She messaged me this morning and offered to bring me some, I jumped for joy since it had been years. It takes a long time to make one and I don't stand that long.

It tasted so good and it was a big piece so I gave my neighbor a piece too!

Such a nice offer and gift to get that you didn't have to make yourself!

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@luvmyteddy4   Lucky you.  Carrot cake! fave!    Bought a slice at the market this morning......couldn't resist....

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That is so nice!  So glad you enjoyed it!


Will you share your recipe with us?  I would love to see it!  Carrot Cake is so good!



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Re: Carrot Cake and Sharing

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Carrot cake is my favorite!  Even wanted it as my wedding cake, but my mother talked me out of it.


Used to have my aunt's recipe using carrot baby food, but lost it.  Woman Sad  It was soooo moist!  But there are some online, just can't justify making one for two people.

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The best carrot cake I've had was delivered last weekend by a local baker. She drops it off at the door before 7am on Saturdays.