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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

First of all, you are already paying an inflated "prepared food" price; secondly, your free shipping is worked into the price; and thirdly you are paying for every person who purchased that item and requested a refund because they didn't like it.  Is the price ridiculous? Yes.  Is it surprising? Not at all.

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

She has a youtube video making Nashville hot chicken.  You can get her "secret" recipe for free. 

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

Seasoned Half Chicken (Whole Chicken Cut in half) Coated with: Spices, salt, paprika, brown sugar, dehydrated onion & garlic. May contain up to 2% retained water."


Above, from description of the item on the QVC webpage.




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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

@mspatmac wrote:

As far as I know this is still the USA where products are offered and people are free to buy or not. 


-People are free to voice their opinions on said product or not. 

-People are free to try and keep others from buying said product or not

-People are free to make their own choices and buy said product or not


Do and buy what you want!  


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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

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@Mindy D 





EVERYONE has those very basic spices in thier cabinets RIGHT NOW!! And EVERY grocery store in America sells chickens. can use your 12 piece set of Mark Charles snips to cut it in half ( The magic word for that is "Spatchcokking" which probably won't print)..


Like I said in my previous posting... I think Q is TROLLING THIER CUSTOMERS.


Next week they're going to offer a ten foot piece of  "special" thread as the TSV., $59.00 ( UNDER 60 dollars!!!)....made from "special" Rastelli wool from humanely raised lambs from cornball Amish farms he worked with for generations...


They will present it 15 hours of the day, in one hour programs, and several appearances in other shows.


They will wax philosophical on how you can weave it into a dress, shorts, skimmers, dusters, hats, and vegan purses.


They will laugh, jump around, bleat hysterically, and relate corn ball stories of how everyone in thier families do just that ( make thier own clothes)  while on vacation in Disneyland....or on breaks from performing at Radio City Music Hall....


Q will offer an additional two pack of ten feet sections for "only" 95.00!!! free shipping!!! or auto delivery!!!


David will Happy Dance it if this TSV is shown on a Wednesday or a Sunday....


JT willl screech and dance and bray with laughter!!!!


Courtly will play with her hair and look bored...



Red will sell out first.


Up in the QVC war room, management will look at the sales numbers (that climb every time JT  weepingly tells a made up story about the product) and they will say:


"See I TOLD you they would buy ANYTHING!!!!...Next slice of magic bread!! For 49.99 ( under 50.00!!!) 


.....We'll offer the rest of the loaf on Easy Pay installments!!!"


Another Day, Another Troll fest.

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

I would pay the price if it was something I couldn't buy around here and make.  Sure it's pricey, but a good portion of what is sold here is pricey.  I watch fashion shows here on the Q and don't comment about how people are foolish to pay the prices.  

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

Has anyone bought it?  If so, maybe they can comment on if they felt it was worth the price.


I can make a good chicken dinner without spending that much, so it's a pass for me.

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

If there are viewers willing to pay that price, so what.  Too expensive?  Don't buy it.  Simple.

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

@Othereeeen  like your post, just love that word bleat!!

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Re: Carla Hall chicken outrageous $$$$$!

Agreed. Not only that but food that has been frozen is not what I consider "fresh." Meats are always better when they have not been frozen.  The same goes for baked goods.  Anyone who shops at Publix knows this.  Even Jimmy the Baker and David's Cookies can't compete with Publix bakery, where baked goods are truly fresh and much more affordable. No food shows on QVC for me.