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What about instant pudding mixes?  I have several of these that kind of got back-burnered and are definitely expired.  But they've been kept inside a Lock & Lock in a cool environment (not refrigerated, but cool/dark cabinet type deal).


Is there something in the mix that would go bad, or just not work right anymore?

I'd be a little more nervous about something that didn't get cooked. Cookie/brownie mixes get pretty darn hot and that should kill anything left alive. Instant pudding doesn't get cooked. Any bacteria in the mix that had been slowly growing over time could possibly be an issue past the expiration date.


"Sterile" things aren't typically bacteria-free, they've just had the vast majority of bacteria killed so what remains is small enough in number that they don't pose a real threat. Given enough time they could multiply enough to become one though. I had some sterile saline solution-filled syringes that I was advised not to use because they were past their expiration date and that any small amounts of bacteria that had survived the initial sterilization might have had a chance to grow enough in numbers to be a threat. 


Thank You for your response, Gardenman.  I sincerely appreciate the help.  I hate to throw stuff away unless it makes more sense than keeping it, so this helps.   Smiley Happy

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The older the ingredients to any meal are, it will have an impact on taste, texture, appearance, nutritional value.  But it should not be dangerous to consume.


My cakes are definitely better when I use fresher flour, even though not expired, not bad smelling or anything.

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I watch dates and if one slips past me I usually pitch it out.

I want only fresh stuff and what's a couple of bucks for peace of mind