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Re: Buying Food from QVC

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--I loved the Florida Cushman's Honeybells and wish I had put them on automatic delivery.  They were juicy and delicious, so sweet. 

--Then I ordered the California Cushman's Honeybells and did not like them at all.  Way too tart with a thick skin.  I ended up juicing them to use them up. 

--Years back I ordered Jimmy the Baker muffin sampler.  They were OK but to me they weren't that special. 

--I like the Mama Mancini beef meatballs, but fortunately I can buy them cheaper in my local grocery store. 

--Did not care for the Emeril meatballs......too peppery and greasy. 

--Martha Stewart offered California Brentwood Yellow Peaches one time.  They were delicious but too expensive.  







"Any items you love and reorder and any that you did not like and perhaps requested a credit?   I think the food items are on the pricey side, but it is very convenient to order and have the item  in your freezer."


Janet in Georgia