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Rastelli hamburger patties---are they good?

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@Daysdee wrote:

Rastelli hamburger patties---are they good?


Good but overpriced in my opinion. I can find similar patties in the Supermarket at almost half the cost.

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Mama Mancini meatballs we tried at a local grocery store and loved. Bought them a time or two on QVC and still like very much. My husband is Italian and states that they are close to the ones that his mother or grandmother made.

We like the Kansas City steaks. Like the David's cookies. Landies Candies --pretzels are tasty (per my husband). We have ordered Cheryl's cookies as gifts at Christmas. I have ordered Farmer John Popcorn for others (I have never been a popcorn fan) and they have liked them. My father enjoyed the Germack nut mixtures. I think generally we or those we have ordered the food items for have liked and enjoyed them.

But this is just my opinion for what we have ordered.!! Smiley Happy

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Update to my previous post: We have also purchased the Rastelli Black Angus sirloin steaks and Kansas City all-beef hot dogs, and we really enjoyed them. They're just too expensive for us to keep buying unless they happen to be offered at a great discount.

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@MusicLover Hopefully yours will be shipped soon.  Our order of 5/18 was delayed then shipping info changed early yesterday morning to "Order Processed", now showing "Loaded on Delivery Vehicle".  A little more than 24 hours from processing to delivery, happy about that!

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Over the years my Mom has kept ordering me Corky's.  First it was the ribs which my husband got sick on (so did my Mom).  And she lately ordered us the roasted chicken wings.  When she told me she ordered them, I asked why?  And don't you remember how bad the ribs were?  I don't know if she forgets or just hopeful something will be good.  The chicken wings were horrible.  On the other hand, I have order Mrs. P.s caramel apples and have always been pleased with them.  

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Love and reorder for me are


Mrs. Prindable apples and pretzels

Heartland Farms chicken breasts

Russell Stover candy

Some varieties of Germack

Pot stickers

My Grandma's coffee cakes

Jimmy the baker crumb cakes



Things I'm not impressed with enough to pay for, but eat when gifted


Cheryl's cookies

Harry London chocolates (I will buy them for the great tins and give the candy away sometimes)

most of their meat...good, but way too expensive

Just Bagles

Juniors cheese cake





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If anyone is interested, there's a great One Time Only deal on a combo pack of Kim & Scott's mini pretzel dogs and cheddar cheese pretzel bites today; they're available for shipment now or the week of 6/22, and auto delivery is also being offered. We've loved the cheddar bites for a long time, and we actually just tried the pretzel dogs this week and really enjoyed them (we lightly glazed the latter with water and sprinkled on some pretzel salt before baking—delicious!).

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Add to @loriqvc 's list


I agree on the Kim and Scott pretzels - I wish they would bring back the herb and cream cheese and the other stuffed pretzels they had. Amazing company. 


Rastelli's Wagyu Smashburgers - well worth the money - they aren't that bad when you look at price per burger if you bought it at a restaurant/burger place. 


Kansas City Bistro Beef - great price and exactly what they advertise. An insider's "cheaper" filet that is actually better. Bistro beef is also referred to as the hanger steak, which is amazing. 


Corky's Ribs - they are expensive, but for a splurge, they are delicious. 


Mini Potstickers - DELICIOUS. 


Chef Tony's items - haven't had a bad one. They are pricey, but worth it if you have a special occasion or can afford it. 


Jimmy the Baker - all items I have ordered are awesome. 


To be avoided: 


These are good, but not worth the $$$ and if you don't get them in the freezer in a day, they will mold because they are fresh - Just Bagels. 


Anything from Shannon Beador - I think QVC might have dropped her - I wanted to check out meatless burgers before Impossible and Beyond came out - they are HORRIBLE. Dry, tasteless. 



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We don't purchase any food items from any TV shopping channel.  We buy all of our food from local supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.