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@QVCkitty1 I certainly agree with you about St. C side dishes.  OMG - I don't understand how host can exclaim how great the are with a straight face.  Ordered for Turkey day - one tasted like mud - another no taste - and then the mush dish. 

Down the garbage disposal - all 3 dishes went.

No longer believe David nor any of them = just sales people not your friend

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The only thing we ordered before the last couple of months was the potstickers, and we're all big fans.


Since then we've ordered quite a bit. We're happy with anything we've had from Rastelli's. We just ordered the David's TSV and Dolce Amore ravioli. 


We absolutely love the Otamot tomoto sauce. I've used that as sauce and I've also made tomato soup. DH is VERY fussy about his tomato soup, and he's a fan of this! Smiley Happy

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The Faroe Is. Salmon is very good,

the pot stickers good.  

the David's need to bake cookies a big hit with my family as gifts.  the steak and stuffed baked potatoes were liked by family and they loved the Just Bagels from the recent show.  


One day I will try the Junior's cheese cakes.

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Landie's pretzels and Beatrice's Grandma's fruit and nut cake are outstanding.  Definitely both a 10.  QVC is not offering either one at this time.  However, they do have Beatrice's smaller cakes in 3 different flavors.     


My Grandma's cakes are good, rate them around 4. I was a bit disappointed...not as many nuts as the photo, but reordered two yesterday, anyway.  


Cheryl's cookies and Jimmy the Baker crumb cakes, both a 5.  


QVC sold a large peanut butter cookie pie.  Haven't seen it for some time.  Wow, was it good, but 600 calories a slice!


Everything I ordered was so good, received in excellent condition, no need to ask for credit.  

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Faroe Island Salmon, the best. Individual packaging and easy to defrost and cook. The Faroe Island crab stuffed salmon is just okay, to me salmon becomes overcooked before the crab stuffing is heated through. Last time I ordered Corky’s Baby Back ribs, very good, don’t seem to see them much anymore. I use to buy a lot of food but now very select. I think the TSV ribs are a cheaper cut that contains a lot of fat.
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@loriqvc wrote:

These are our top picks for QVC food items we buy fairly frequently:


  • Heartland Fresh Chicken Fried Chicken with Gravy (on auto-delivery since it was first available; the sides occasionally offered are only okay, but we love the chicken with the white gravy and in many other preparations)
  • Authentic Gourmet Croissants (even though they're smaller than they were when we first put them on auto-delivery; we have not really liked any of the filled or flavored varieties)
  • Kim & Scott's cheddar pretzels and pretzel bites (looking forward to trying the new pretzel dogs tonight!)
  • ANYTHING from Liberty Orchards (we now order a lot directly from the company—had never heard of them before buying here—but QVC gets truly amazing deals on some unique collections, especially the nut-free ones)
  • Bauer's Modjeskas (the original caramel version is by far the best)
  • Silvestri Sweets Sea Salt Caramels (wonderful in both the milk and dark)
  • Landies Candies pretzels or Splitz (the dark chocolate sea salt caramel flavor is our favorite but it is rarely available at QVC)
  • Mrs. Prindable's triple chip apples (always sliced up on a buffet with other treats for our annual holiday parties—people would be disappointed if they weren't offered despite all the delicious homemade goodies; worth waiting for seasonal sale and One Day Only prices to purchase)


And it is true that virtually all of these items have premium price tags, but their quality and convenience make them worth the cost to us. Happy shopping and eating!

I have  bought all of these, and agree. also buy Restllis meats, excellent!, seafood, not afraid to buy any of the meats or seafood, my freezer is always full, never buy these items anywhere else.

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We've tried many food items over the years but only liked the potstickers.  Everything else was just average or not good at all.  The prices are out of this universe.  I can buy Faroe salmon local for 1/2 the price.   I've learned it's a total ripoff!  

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I like Mrs prindable apples---tried the pot stickers--meh---and just ordered the cookies---but usually don't order any food---did the horrible ****** cakes way back and got a prime rib roast from KC steaks that was disgusting---threw them away and got my $$ back. thinking it all is very over priced and usually to much sodium. I order locally now----

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My favs on AD:


Heartland Chicken

Faroe Is. Salmon

Baramundi Sea Bass

Mini Potstickers



I have ordered all kinds of food from Q for years and years.  Have been mostly pleased with everything I have ordered. 


Only refund request was for Jimmy's Crumb Cakes....incredibly DRY.

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Another vote for the chicken fried chicken.   This is one of my all-time favs.  It is beautiful chicken breast with a lovely coating.   I don't even add a grain of salt and even eat them most of the time w/o gravy.


I still have some potstickers from years ago when they first had them.  I enjoy them.  What I did was to vac-seal them in packs of 10, so that's why they have stayed pristine in my freezer.   I get a bottled sauce from Amazon that I like with them.


Also, the My Grandma's coffee cakes.  I have a few flavor favs of these, based on my individual preferences.  I have L&L containers that they fit in perfectly, so I can keep them in the refrigerator for quite a while and they stay fresh.


Old days - Selma's Cookies.   After I got them here many years ago, I started ordering a couple dozen every few years directly from the company because I really mostly just wanted the peanut butter ones and they offer a choice where you can pick and choose for about $2 extra.  Worth it!  


The last food item I got that was awful was so long ago.  It was an unusual box of candy where they tasted like different things.  I can't even remember the rest.   But they were not good.  I didn't ask for $ back, of course, because the only thing 'wrong' with them was they didn't fit my taste.  That's not their fault.  Smiley Happy