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I find all of the foods pricey but there have been items I really liked.  My favorite is the Florida Honeybells that come out in the spring, so sweet and juicy.  Didn't care for the California Honeybells that came out a month or so later, they were way too tart.  Have enjoyed the Mancini meatballs but then found I could buy them at Publix cheaper.  Did not like the Emeril meatballs, they were too peppery and the sauce was WAY too greasy but didn't get a refund, we just ate them.  Jimmy the Baker muffins were just so-so.  

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Really pleased with the David’s Cookies TSV. Hubby and I eat one each with coffee as a special treat; the ability to bake as many or as few as you’d like is a great feature. The flavor is delicious, and they taste homemade.
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I agree it's convenient to have things in the freezer, and over the years I've tried several food items from Q. But I don't generally recommend it. Prices are always quite high, and there are a lot of other alternatives these days. I can't recall getting anything that was terrible, but nothing really great, either. No better than average and not warranting the investment for me.


Maybe there are some really yummy things I just don't know about. I enjoyed the sets of meals from Egg Harbor they had a few years ago. I sent croissants to a friend. There used to be some burgers made from brisket. I tried some Philly cheesesteak beef once--maybe I didn't know how to use it but I did throw that out. Potstickers once. Probably a few others. (Clearly not memorable.)

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I buy from a local family-owned market here in Hamden, CT.  I have watched all the so-called specials from QVC. I learned how to translate ounces into pounds and figure out how many pounds of any food you are ordering.  Then divide the amount of pounds into the price.  You will see that you are paying a lot more per pound despite "free shipping".  This particularly applies to meat (Rastelli's, Kansas Steak and other companies) that offer precooked meats.  You are paying for the preparation of the food, whether you realize it or not. Considering all of the ways we can cook our meals now with the Foodi, AirFryers, All-in-Ones, etc.  It's a lot cheaper to cook your own meals. I have never ordered food from QVC.



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I totally agree with you. See my post.  People don't know how to cook and freeze their own food anymore.  I worked at organic farms for over 20 years and loved it when all the vegetables matured and was able to put them in my freezer.  I had string beans, onions, garlic, mushrooms, squash (green and yellow), acorn squash and other types of squash and I never lacked vegetables in the winter.  


I am 73 and miss working at the farms, but I learned a lot!

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101' in Tx. don't think I'll be ordering chocolates.




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Anything wit Chocolate is not going to be mailed anymore until the fall.

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Haven't ordered a food item in years.  Some of the items we liked are no longer available.   Always tempted by the pot stickers.

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Today's ITKWD reminded me of one more great food item offered at the Q—Junior's summer flavor mini cheesecakes:


Most of the Junior's minis are good, but these are especially scrumptious! We have ordered these for the past two summers and were going to order again this year, but it looks like they've gone back to the lemon version that has raw coconut on top (which we all dislike), and we preferred the strawberry flavor from last year over the raspberry flavor from the previous year (returning again this year) even though it is tasty.

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Rastelli's Pork Ribeyes -  Best piece of pig you'll ever stick in your mouth.

Rastelli's Steaks - Have had several different ones and all were great.

Jimmy's Cinnamon Rolls - Very good, wish they were a bit smaller.

David's Cookies Scones - I am addicted to these.  I like the mini scones because the full size ones are a lot at one time.  Cinnamon is my favorite.

Corky's Ribs - pretty good but not great.

Corky's wings/drumsticks - Make your own

Kansas City Steaks - Buy the Rastelli's

Pot Stickers - bought the meat filled dogs wouldn't eat them and neither did I.  The raccoons loved them.