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Re: Bundt pan recommendations

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Thank you so much for the quick responses! The recipe says 10 to 12 cup. Just wanted to make sure I get the standard size so as not to need another one. You recommended Bakers Secret and Bakers Joy. I'll look at them. Thanks again!

I think you'll love the bundt cake results. Here's what I've learned....make sure the batter doesn't go above 3/4 of the pan. I made an angel food cake and the batter went up too high on the pan. Yup, you guessed it - it over flowed and burnt in the oven. I learned to give the batter room to rise. They're big, hearty cakes too. I hope you enjoy! 

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Re: Bundt pan recommendations

I have a few Nordicware versions. They are all different sizes..

I have the original 12 cup version and when in doubt use that.

The other ones I have are seasonal decor

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Re: Bundt pan recommendations

If you want nonstick, I would highly recommend Curtis Stone's pan.  A poster said it wasn't available, so I'd go with a Nordicware one/

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Re: Bundt pan recommendations


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Nordicware is what I've always used.  I also take a can of Pillsbury chocolate frosting, open the can, nuke it for 30 seconds and pour it's over cake once it's baked.

Ohhh Mercy !  that sounds decadent !  

I am trying that !