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Breville Poacher for Eggs, Chicken, and Sous Vide

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Does anyone here have this appliance?  Am considering it as it is the right size for two people and on sale at William Sonoma.  I don't use my stick sous vide appliance often only because it means I have to get a ladder to access the deep pot it attaches to.  I need to think where this poacher can be stored and be readily accessible but the size and versatility seems favorable to my breakfast and dinner needs. I like that it will cook 2 steaks or packages of shrimps or salmon.  Videos at WS are interesting.


As it turns out, they won't ship this at the sale price.  Pick up in store only.  Oh well, I might find a deal on it through another avenue.  I don't want it bad enough to pay full price.  The sale price at WS is $99.99.  There was another sale item I would have ordered from WS, a cake pan, but they wouldn't ship it.  I'm not happy with WS today!