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I'm using it more often and use to use one that sat on the counter.  This one is huge, so I need to have it stored downstairs.  But I wanted to have one and had recipes, that forever was saying, "broil"  the oven is too far down now for it's use.  


Do you all broil much?  How are you usually preparing your meals? Love my crockpots too.  I'll never lose those.  But my pressure cooker, nada.

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Re: Bought a broiler last year

DH uses a George Foreman grill a LOT!!  Have never used the broiler on this electric stove.  I bought a crock pot last year and have yet to use it.  

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Re: Bought a broiler last year

I am a heavy meat eater.  I almost always broil my steaks & hamburgers.  Sometimes hotdogs if I do not feel like frying them stovetop.  I have a countertop convection oven.

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Re: Bought a broiler last year

I broil food a lot.  I broil steaks, hamburgers, and lots of seafood and even vegetables.


I love to broil, but hate to clean the pan.  I tried lining the pans with foil, but even then I would have to soak and scrub to get the pan clean, so I was hesitant to broil my food.


About 10 years ago, I decided to get a new broiler pan and scaned the Internet looking for one.  I found a water broiler pan and ordered it.  OMG!  I love it.  It is SS and cleans easily in the dishwasher.  It still looks like new.  I also use the pan to bake in with the rack off.


So, I am back to broiling my food again.  I broil in my regular oven.

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Re: Bought a broiler last year

I have a Cusinart grill and use it often within the week. I also find myself using the air fryer just as many times. My husband doesn't like anything prepared in the crock pot or pressure cooker. He doesn't like casseroles, etc. I don't fry most meats.  I prefer to grill, air fry or deep fry turkey breast.