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I'm just wondering how/where you store your flour?  I'm not talking about your extra, unopened bags but the flour you use on a "regular" basis.


Can anyone recommend a handy store canister/container?

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I store mine in Lock n Lock type containers.  I got mine at Wal-mart.  It's the brand they carry called Sterilite I believe.  They have ones big enough to store up to 5 pounds of flour and sugar.  I love mine because it keeps nicely organized in my pantry and its big enough I can scoop directly from the container. 

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Since I buy the 10-pound bags of flour, I have a large container from King Arthur.

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lock n lock container.

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Definitely lock & lock for flour, sugars, etc.

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I still use a trio of stacking Tupperware containers.

One for flour, one for sugar, and the third for Bisquick.


They must be from '65-'75, because they're the bright orange from that era. The lids are still flexible and the "one finger" Seal & Burp still works like new.

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Since I buy the 10-pound bags of flour, I have a large container from King Arthur.

I have that container also, love it!

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I have a large glass container that is sort of like mason jars.  It has a rubber ring around the top to make it air tight.

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I have flour, sugar, and teabags in the large Lock n Lock containers with wheels.   

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Rubbermaid makes storage containers similar to L & L, USA made and that's what I use. Available locally and I buy sizes I need and use instead of a pre-packaged set.


They make a container that will hold a 5lb bag so I have AP flour, sugar, cake flour, brown sugar, oatmeal etc stored in them. 


I buy in bulk and use the plastic bag the baking products are sold in, drop it in the container and seal. No mess. 


The 10lb container from KAF sounds interesting but too heavy/bulky for weekly use for this girl.