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Re: Awesome Step by Step Book for the Instant Pot

I ordered this book yesterday after reading your post. It arrived today! He has a new one coming out in April---a Lite version of the same step by step title.

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Re: Awesome Step by Step Book for the Instant Pot

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I got his book at the library, and 99% of the recipes with photos are on his website.  I know some prefer a cookbook, but if you want to try some of his recipes out first before you buy the book, see the website below.  His beef stroganoff recipe is good, but the time to cook the beef is way off.  12 minutes is not nearly long enough to produce tender meat.  I cook it for a full 30 minutes and do a full natural release. 

I also agree with another poster's suggestion of checking out the recipes from Barbara Schieving.  Out of all the pressure cooker cookbooks that are out there, I have purchased three, and two of them are hers.  She, too, has a website where you can try some of her recipes before purchasing her books. 

Which leads me to the third cookbook I have purchased.  If you have never heard of Rootitoot, you are missing something!  She has two cookbooks. I only own the first one, as I wasn't interested in the recipes I saw that were in her second one.  She gives step-by-step instructions for down home comfort food written as if she were your grandma right in the kitchen beside you.  If I were going to buy one cookbook, it would be her first one.  Her recipes are delicious.  She has a website with a few of her recipes and tips, and you can see what a gifted writer she is.  Anyone...ANYONE...can become a pressure cooking genius using her recipes/techniques. 

Her tip times section is fabulous and explains the buttons/settings on most Instant Pots.  If you don't have your manual or don't understand what different settings mean, check out her Tip Time section! 


Besides websites, all three of these people have active Facebook pages if you use Facebook.  Enjoy!

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Re: Awesome Step by Step Book for the Instant Pot

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This book is sold on Amazon and it takes you through step by step from the time you purchase it to all models of the Instant Pot and sizes. It walks you through any errors that may come on the screen. I have had an Instant Pot 6qt and 3qt for a year and have learned so many things that were helpful to me. It is less than $13.00 and well worth the money.

My daughter bought three books to give with the Instant Pots she bought for Christmas gifts. Everyone loved the addition of the book.

This was written by a man that grew up learning to cook from his grandmother. Amazing book and has color photos for the recipes and tells you what to use for your specific Instant Pot.

He definitely did his research. Check it out.

@MKR14 Thanks!  I'm going to check this book out.


I have an instant pot that I recieved two years ago as a gift and I've rarely used it.  I was confused watching some videos using different models from the one that I have.