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Attention: Chris Prine (spelling?). Lock and lock :)

Already own a four piece set to hold flour, sugar etc in a coral color which really is an Adorable pink Smiley Happy could you please make more lock and locks in pink? Still clear bottoms but pink tops Smiley Happy thank you! I'm a pink girl Smiley Happy
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Re: Attention: Chris Prine (spelling?). Lock and lock :)

I agree--I love pink too

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Re: Attention: Chris Prine (spelling?). Lock and lock :)

I live alone and have three boxes of larger sized lock and lock containers I will never use. Why can't there be a smaller set of lock and lock containers with various sizes? I realize some have been offered in the past, but I don't need 12 of 3 sizes of anything. Over the last couple of years a few of my smaller pieces and walked away with people or lids have broken and I refuse to buy a set that has more larger size containers  to add to my collection in the boxes. 

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Re: Attention: Chris Pryne. Lock and lock :)

Chris - I have a request..  much needed!!  First - love what you bring the QVC community but I would really like for you to bring a set of different sizes but all with the same size lid.  Lock and Lock had a set (at one time) of a large, medium, and small size container but they all used the same size lid..  help us cut down on searching for the right lid plus add lots of room for storage..  would love to see this on steroids...  If I could focus on all my lids being in one spot and then just have the nesting containers..  it would really help!!   Please consider...   many thanks for the time...  ohh.. make sure you offer it in Emerald.  *wink*

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Re: Attention: Chris Pryne. Lock and lock :)

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@Chris MB  @Still babybecky  Vendors do not read or answer on these message boards.  If she has a Facebook page for Lock 'n Lock you should contact her that way.

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Re: Attention: Chris Pryne. Lock and lock :)

@Chris MBI think I have the set you are referring to.   I love it and it seems 1 o 2 are always in my fridge.  Use these all the time.    They hold much more than it seems they would.  They should bring these back.    I also request more of the purple/violet colors.  I like all of mine to match my kitchen.  Seems many new sets don't have that color.  For those requesting pink, they had some sets in "bubble gum" on the Sunday show.