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I like Aldo a lot, but I freakin’ LOVE LIDL! The Lidl near us is not really convenient for us to get to, but when I do get there, it is like a treat for me. I just really like that store for some reason.
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Sorry.. I meant Aldi above, but auto-correct kicked in and I cannot figure out how to edit in this forum on my iPhone.
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@SeasonedCitizen wrote:

Never could understand the nay-sayers about Aldi's. . . .

Really a wide variety of shopping experiences from store to store, state to state. I think they're focused on getting all pooly functioning stores up to a better level.


There are quite a few Aldi's in my general area. The one closest to me was grungy (but not actually dirty), worn out looking, dimly lit, with noisy refrigeration, always well stocked but 50% of the staff had an attitude.


So I'd usually drive to another Aldi further away. Big, bright, nice store. Didn't seem like the same chain.


They are remodelling all the Aldi's here now. That grungy one now has all new interior with wider aisles and brighter lights, better displays, only the best original staff remain, so lots of new helpful staff. I notice the troublemaker type customers never came back after the re-opening and I see my neighbours shopping there frequently.

Even the parking lot was repaved.


They permanently closed another store, guess it wasn't worth the effort.


And ... they started offering home delivery, which I used for the first time about 10 days ago. 


I don't care for some Aldi things, but that's the same in any store. I started shopping there just for their Sweet Butter Lettuce. Now I fill a shopping cart there.

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Hedge, I am so jealous! Home delivery! Our Aldi offers it, but not to where I live. I am only fifteen minutes away from them, but our zip code is in a magic "no fly zone" for deliveries like pizza and groceries for some reason. Oh well! Maybe some day!

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@Razzy 7 wrote:

I'm curious about your "I've been once to Aldi's and never again. Yuck." Why yuck? Initially, I thought, "Oh this is going to be one of those cheapie markets like Sav-a-Lot with limited choices and quality, but I checked it out and it wasn't what I expected at all. Their produce has been excellent as has been everything else I've tried. I was reluctant to try their meats for a long time but finally decided to give those a try as well. The meats have been fine as well. Do they carry the variety of products of some of the major huge chains? No, but what they do carry is worth purchasing and is sold at a very good price. I especially enjoy their wonderful German chocolate. 

I love Aldi's, and the savings are huge. I especially love their chocolate it is so good!
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not a fan of aldi at all......and i luckily have a lot of choices on where to purchase groceries in my area.


no deli

no bakery

dont care for the meats

not a large selection of anything

fruit and vegetables are in "average" condition....if you can find what you are looking for.

missing some of the name brand items i prefer to buy.

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I LOVE Aldi as well.  Both of the stores in my area have been remodeled - super nice!  Both have fresher produce than I find in our other local stores.  Canned goods, cheeses, crackers, cookies, breads etc. have far less artifical ingredients than name brands.  Prices...well, I love a cart full of food for less than 1/2 of what I might spend elsewhere.  So glad your store is reopening!  

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@phluphy wrote:

Love Aldi's but right across the street from them they built a brand new Lidl..


What fun to go from one to the other...I have certain things I like at Aldi's and

of course same for Lidl.  they are both from Germany.  Lidl is a larger store.

We got a new Lidls about 2 years ago here.  Bc many new areas around were also getting new Lidls they used our store as a training center for one year before opening. 


Our Aldis and Lidls are very near each other - Lidls is my preferred store.  Lidl's is much more organized and our Aldis always looks a mess - ppl pick up stuff, decide they don't want it and dump it wherever they are - that's where it sits.  Ppl do the same at Lidls but I always see a store worker with a cart putting all non refrigerated/frozen stuff back where it belongs.  

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they remodeled one near us and builta new aldis not far from us . they are so much nicer than they use to be.