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Aldi has Beaumont Ground Coffee Classic Roast in the 30 oz. can for $3.79.  I bought one today to try. Has anyone tried it? 

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It's a pass for me but you may like it, I see a lot of people buying it.

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I buy Aldi's mild roast and like it but this is quite a deal. I'm leaving town in a couple of days and don't need any coffee. If I needed any I'd definitely try this.

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I have never tried Aldi's coffees but they do have a guarantee so if you do not care for it they will refund your money.

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Not worth it

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I started using their 100%  Columbian coffee during the beginning of the pandemic  primarily because Ali's was closer to my house and less crowded than the big grocery stores. It's as good as Costco's Columbian coffee and I've been buying it ever since!

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I like the pods!

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I like their German roast coffee.

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I never tried thier coffee, but, I DO know that if you try something and don't like it, in some cases they offer DOUBLE your money back.


The ONLY thing I've bought in 10 years at ALDI that I couldn't eat was Red Cabbage in a jar. I thought it was terrible. No problem returning it for a refund.


I am always willing to try thier own products. I can't tell the difference on 99% of the things they sell.


I used to have my nose up in the air about Aldi...until my elderly Mom insisted on going one time, and I want along, and became a convert!!!!


If you only save 20.00 a week over other stores, that's over 1000.00 a year, or my car and liablity insurance.


You can't get everything there, so I still use Walmart and Tops, but if I CAN get  it at Aldi, I do. I can afford to shop anywhere, but I HATE wasting money.


Maybe I'll try the coffee. I only drink Instant ( after years of gimmicky Keurig and other supposed convenience coffees) so we'll see.


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I buy many of my coffees at Aldi's, we like them all. I do buy dark roast and they have many to choose from as well, mild. They also sell whole beans if you have a grinder. I'd buy t hese too if I had one.