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Air space around toaster ovens

I just bought a Farberware toaster oven and read that it needs 8" of space(for the heat to dissipate) on the top,back and both sides. There is nothing in the instruction booklet that says anything about the dangers of having less than 8" in any 1,2,3 or 4 sides. My question is: I'm getting ready to install a shelf to hold the oven and the space to fit in on would alow for 8" on both sides, 1" on the top and none on the back. Is that enough to affect the cooking or to prevent heat problems? If the answer is no, which toaster over can I buy to eliminate this problem?

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Re: Air space around toaster ovens

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Toaster ovens get very hot when they are on.  I would comply with whatever space the instructions ask for.  If there is only 1 inch or no clearance space on some sides, that is a fire hazard.  You don't want to take a chance.


Find a smaller appliance or keep it somewhere else.  

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Re: Air space around toaster ovens

My Breville has about that much space around it but it is on my counter---use it nearly everyday instead of the big oven. Building one in sounds a little concerning to me. Maybe get a small cart to use it on then wheel it out of the way.