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I would buy at least a 5 qt. so you have a large enough fryer to cook with. I think most of them are pretty much the same gadget just a different brand name on them.

Also make sure it has an interior basket with holes/slots that's removable from the outer basket so you can get stuff out. If the interior basket is not removable when you dump stuff out you will also dump out any residue in the bottom of the outer basket. Hope this makes sense to you. I saw one on Q that was like this. What a mess.

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I have the large Cook's Essentials air fryer. I got it for Christmas. So far I've made tilapia, fries, and onion rings in it and everything has come out crispy with no grease. My fryer also came with a cake pan. The basket is removable, which is essential if you're going to cook foods with breading or coating on them. You don't have to use any oil at all, but I spritz the food with extra virgin olive oil I have in a spray bottle before cooking it. 


If you're looking to make more than one food to pair together, I suggest getting one that has divided pans. Mine does not have a divider, but I'm okay with that. 

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I threw mine away ahhahahah divider  I mean

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I have the newest model 5.3 quart Cooks Essentials Air Fryer with the presets that was the Today's Special Value that was a few months ago. I have the Cobalt blue and it is as beautiful as well as an awesome air fryer. 

I orginally had the smaller Emeril air fryer but found I was limited at what I could make so I gave it to my grandson. There are only the two of us but we use it almost every day and the larger one is better for us.

Remember you can make something small in a large air fryer but not make something big in a small air fryer. The one I got can hold about a 6 pound chicken. I just make sure the center of what you cook is not too high to come in contact with the heating element.

I hope you find what is right for you. I have never regretted the Cooks Essential air fryer purchase.

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I am looking for the cook’s essentials 5.3 qt electric air fryer. I would like the red or black one, but I can’t find the product online. Does this mean it is discontinued? Thank you

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FYI.  Saw the  Phillips one online at Costco for $159?  I know this brand is considered the best.  

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@sharkky wrote:

I baste with olive oil things like salmon, no more butter. Spritz veg oil that you buy at store over french fries couple of whacks. Parkay in spritz bottle.


Only time I break out the butter sticks is for baking one day a week.

So funny, we were having lunch the other day at Cheddars and this young couple came in sit behind us and I heard the young girl say "baked potato with lots of butter". That used to be me till I got phone call from Dr. discussing my blood tests and she said "lay off butter or you will have to take cholerestol pills". Now, if I order baked potato I take my own Smart Balance fake butter or eat plain with salt and pepper.


Hubbo, said she will get call one day. LOL

Shoekitty said

oh yes, her call will come.  Lol. I see young women in stillettos walk into a cafe, order a salad and douse it with a cup of ranch dressing, or dipping their extra pepperoni pizza pizza in ranch and then salt it.  I think, someday she will be getting epidrurals, having bunions fixed and downing statins.  Oh to be young. "Youts"

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I also recently bought the Cooks Essentials 5.3 quart Air Fryer. I really like it and use it more than I thought I would. There is no reason to line the basket since it cleans up so easily. I love how well it cooks fish. A baked potato comes out with the crunchy skin I like. I even made a cake mix in the cake pan it came with.

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@17thfloor wrote:

I would like to get an air fryer for use with a small family. Any suggestions or recommendations?   Thank you.




i have 2.

Both Cooks Essentials

3.4 qt.

5.3 qt.

Last night I air fried a 4.5 pound turkey breast.  Cooked perfectly.  Moist, not dry.  Crispy skin.  I rubbed herbs d’ province, olive oil on the bird.  Less than 60 minutes to cook.  In the 5.3 qt.

The smaller 3.4 qt. IMO,  is good for smaller families.  Or a couple.   A chicken or cut up, 2 nice size steaks, 2-4  salmon steaks,  chicken wings, frozen or fresh fried foods, etc.

I recommend ordering an Air Fryer cookbook from the Blue Jean Chef to get you started.

And, YMMV on size for your needs.  I would go a  5.3 qt. if you have the space. It’s not that much bigger than the 3.4 qt.

Good luck.