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What's everyone's opinion on the air fryer oven verses an air fryer? Chef Zakaian has one as the Q2 big deal. Curtis Stone has one also. I think the inside of Curtis Stone may clean easier. Thanks in advance

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I have both, although the oven was sold as convection.  The smaller called an air fryer.  Both work the same way.  Different shapes.  


I think calling them air fryers is just a marketing gimmic leading buyers to believe they are a new way of cooking, are different than convection. 


I prefer the oven, but it's larger taking up more counter space. 



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Foxxee do you have to shake the fries like an air fryer? 

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  • It appears to be small.  I'd want an oven to accomodate a 9 X 13" pan.  I didn't hear the wattage mentioned.
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both brands of air fryer ovens that you mentioned are small on the inside and won't fit a 9x13 sheet pan. that is probably why they DO NOT list the interior dimensions on the web site.


the advantage of the air fryer oven is that it does more then an air fryer and is larger.

maybe i nod out during some presentations, but i've noticed that while the name has 'air fryer oven' in it, that is the one feature that is the least talked about. why is that?

i have also noticed that rarely is there demo of the oven using more than 1 rack at a time. again, why is that? the fact they most only come with 1 rack could be a hint.

my 15+ year old toaster/convection counter top oven fits 9x13 sheet pans and i can use more than 1 rack at the same time. it came with 2 racks and i ordered 2 more racks back then. and it has a rotissiere - go figure, for $60.

as best as i can recall, the breville air fryer oven is the only one that i have seen a demo for, that uses more than one rack, at the same time. and 9x13 sheet pans fit.

as much as i want a new counter top oven, the only one that would work for me would be the $$breville$$ air fryer oven.

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I have the Power Air Fryer Oven that was the TSV in March.  I had been looking at air fryers for a long time, even thought I might get one for Christmas last year but when I didn't I bought this one.


I Love it.  Takes up some counter space but in the end I got rid of my coffee maker (I seldom drink coffee at home) and kept the air fryer.  It has totally more than earned its space on my counter.


I do fries on the shelf instead of the basket and I never have to shake them.


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I have a couple of the air fry ovens. The thing I like about the DASH one is that it is also a small regular oven in that Air Fry is a function that I can turn on. The Gourmia one I have, the air fry/convection is always on. So, that one is noisier. I am going to try the rotisserie function for the first time for a small turkey breast.


Otherwise, I do like the shelves in the oven-type, but it will not replace a larger one for bigger dishes and for baking a large batch of cookies. I still have not been able to find a good fit for baking in the air fryer oven - the outside gets too done too quickly and the middle is uncooked, so i am still using my regular oven for that.