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Re: Air Fryer Sweet Potatoes

@CLEM wrote:

Hi Ladies, your speaking so lovingly of your pets, makes me homesick for my baby Violet.  She is a cat and is currently in the hospital.  She had a tooth extracted today and is now recovering.  I have opted to leave her there until Monday so they can take care of her.   Hope this is it for another year.  I posted a picture over on the Pancake thread a while ago and I will see if I can find it.  She tends to get constipated, so I have been giving her pumpkin, but she doesn't want it anymore.   Got 2 lbs of carrots and will roast some and mash them up before she comes home.  Perhaps she will like them.  Thanks for suggesting them.


Violet's glamor pose photo 100_0117_00.jpg


Something uninstalled itself from my computer and I can no longer go to photobucket and get a smaller picture.  Also can not see a lot of things like the button to heart someone and a lot of other things.  I have been told that I need a new computer but just can't do it yet.


Hugs to all your fur babies.

Oh @CLEM this so reminded me of my Chloe . . . long story short even with two dogs my mom wanted another one and my furball joyously entered our lives . . . we always took our dogs for their regular check ups, shots, etc. but my mother was adamant no teeth cleaning as our family dentist (back in the 50's) lost their dog during one of these procedures (plus my mom was adamant we wouldn't get the right dog back, please don't ask any questions as there are no answers).  There was just no talking her down from that ledge until Chloe had a serious tooth problem and we did have to leave her overnight after a tooth cleaning and extraction . . . she came out fine but there were no further arguments about teeth cleaning going forward.


Violet is absolutely gorgeous (and it's good that your carpet matches her gorgeous fur!) and I so hope she is feeling better.  It is so hard when they are not well.  Chloe was absolutely bananas over peas of all things (of course she was also a dog) but they are good shall we say ruffage so that may be an option?