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Why do you need special recipes?  I'm more interested in taking my own tried and true recipes and adapting them to use in the air fryer.  It's only a cooking method, after all, not an exotic new ingredient.

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Hi Kachina! You can use your recipes-no problem- but what may be an issue is time, when to turn.....and in some cases, elevating the food by using a rack.  You can count on the time called for in your original recipe is going to be less in the what factor is a question. As I said there are plenty of free recipes out there, but it might be worth looking at some that mirror your own so you have a "ball park" idea. I think Meredith L explained it very eloquently: super heated air is being circulated in a small cylindrical space-and I can absolutely tell you this is vastly different than convection ovens.


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Re: Air Fryer Recipes

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I want to print some of the recipes printed above by Nightowlz.  How do I do that, or where can I find them so I can print them myself?

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I am using the Eblusmart air fryer now, I use it to cook beef, cook chicken and french fries, I think it tastes great!

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I make hard cooked eggs in mine for egg salad,etc.  It is so easy and there is no mess. The eggs cook perfectly.


250 degrees for 16 minutes