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Has anyone tried the Sushi rolls from ALDI?  The new ad that starts This Wednesday has it listed and they have Philadelphia Roll which is one of my favs.  I am a NewJersey transplant living in California.  Congrats Eagles winning the SuperBowl!!!!!

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I just finished eating the Aldi sushi roll.  I enjoyed it. Very fresh, comes with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. I ate four of the eight rolls. Will buy again.  

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@Dawnie - Was the Aldi sushi you ate sold frozen.  If it was, when thawed was it mushy?  The sushi in this weeks Aldi ad says frozen.  

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Aldi's sushi was the first item from said establishment that I would never purchase again. Although "fresh", the rice was hard and far too chewy. Overall it had a pleasant flavor but the rice, being the foundation, was not up to par.

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Sounds horrible -- makes me nauseous just to think about it. Like gas station tacos...BLECH

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I'll have to check my Aldi's. 


I have my doubts about frozen.  I enjoy it from our Wegman's where they are actually preparing it fresh to order.


I have to admit though, Aldi's has come a long way since they started out.  Good for them!