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Re: $99 for a roasted cooked turkey🙀

That is an outrageous price but I guess some people don't mind paying it; I think it's a waste of money.   For a few more dollars you can get a beautiful, delicious full meal, as someone mentioned.  Now that is something I find worthwhile. 

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Re: $99 for a roasted cooked turkey🙀

@WSfan wrote:

Several years before she passed away, my mom purchased a Smithfield ham from QVC for our family's Christmas Eve dinner, after hearing how wonderfully delicious it was on one of the cooking shows. She was extremely disappointed in it. For one, it was way too salty. She vowed never again, and the following year, she went back to the tried and true store bought ham, which was so much better. BTW, she always purchased a butt portion instead of a shank portion. Smaller bone in the butt portion, but it does cost more than the shank.

We may be unknown blood kin!


My mom always wanted the "butt" portion too, same reason!

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@bargainsgirl wrote:

HAHA must be the same people who buy lobster tails for $199Smiley Happy


And they're worth every penny.   I've never had a bad one. I have had mediocre lobster from the store.

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@homedecor1 wrote:

I only was surprised it was a turkey! Maybe its just me!


@KYToby: As far as the snarky remark  I'm not saying anything about how anyone spends their money!  


I was only stating its a "turkey" not a lobster dinner (which I recieved as a bday gift - Lobstergram..delicious!)




Right, cause you're new here and they've never had outrageously priced food.   LOL



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Without exaggeration, I can (and have) put on our yearly Thanksgiving dinner for substantially less than such a price and that includes everything from the turkey to beverages and desserts. If people want to spend their money on such a purchase, that's their call. I'm still shocked how two prime rib roasts were sold last night for over $160.00!

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Re: $99 for a roasted cooked turkey🙀

Please do tell us about the "Dry Brine"  and your secret to sucess on your

Thanksgiving Bird.   Hope you will share !   Thank you !

@Mothertrucker wrote:

Most of us on this particulr board have some interest in cooking..after all, it IS a kitchen board..


We know that cooking a turkey is not really all that tough..I dry brine for a couple days, then stick it in the oven..Frankly, it is the simplest part of a  Holiday meal..for ME..I cook..


But i can totally understand how it would be worth it if I did NOT... Just look at how busy resturants are on Thanksgiving ..Many, many folks go out to celebrate either with their families, or because they no longer have much of one..


And while many of us have grocery stores, etc that prepare a holidy meal for a reasonble price, it is not particularly good, nor is it available everywhere..For that reason, I think it is great that it is offered..


Everyone is different..a chaque son gout!


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Re: $99 for a roasted cooked turkey🙀

We host anywhere from 8 to 25 every year for Thanksgiving, and often must cook 2 turkeys. I do it the day before, then DH carves, platters and gets them in the fridge. I also make the gravy and put three different kinds of dressing together the day before (I actually like these things better--the flavors have blended together) and reheat and bake the next day. I bake a pumpkin pie that morning so the house will smell like Thanksgiving, lol! Everyone else brings the sides. That way it's not too much work or expense on anyone.


I know, I know...turkey tastes best hot out of the oven. But this is the only way I can do this and not wear myself out. SO, if any of my guests have an issue with the way I do things, they are welcome to host Thanksgiving the next year--no takers so far!


But for those of you who do it all yourselves, I can absolutely see paying for a pre-cooked turkey!!!!!!

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Re: $99 for a roasted cooked turkey🙀

@stargazergal I began dry brining chickens years ago, using  the method perfected by the chef at the Zuni Cafe.....


I began doing turkeys the same way, about 5 years ago..just as good a result ( I think better) as wet brining, and no messy brine and big vats of water..... I know we are not supposed to post links, but the NY Times, LA Times, Bon Apetit all have good info on is more of a method than a recipe, per se...